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Luky 8 coffee

Luky 8 coffee

333/7A Le Van Sy, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel: (08) 39918686

Fax: (08) 39912346

Situated on shortcut 333 on the crowded Le Van Sy street, Lucky 8 café is such a nice place in which one, once gotten lost, find it hard to forget about the image of a private corner where plants and water seem to make a good performance to keep one stay still.

As a matter of fact, plants and water are chosen to be the main subject. Due to their purity, they create such a very familiar sight similar to that of nature, completely different from that of a gaudy place. The special point recognizeble here is that anywhere you choose to sit can bring the feeling of freedom.

Each section is equipped with table sets, different in color, decent and appropriate. You can then choose a seat on a white wooden chair to enjoy cool air released from the nearby waterfall.

More particularly, there is an outer glass-equipped house which is remarkably located in the beautiful garde; thus, it can possibly relieve stress from your soul and allow you to mix yourself into nature.   


A room on Mezzanine floor illuminated by dreaming lights and lovely spotted plant pots is extremely romantic, ideal for couples in love.

With the right light usage and a quiet space, this is such an ideal place for you to relax or discuss business. Coming here, you also have a chance to enjoy traditional Japanese tea art. The modern luxurious design is good enough to create an absolutely peaceful atmosphere for you to enjoy.When songs from a piano sound softly and it mixes with sound of violons, your soul seems stable. That’s when much memory is brought back and you think one day it should be a return to such place to get more quiet moments beside your loving people.

Moreover, booking meeting, birthday party and conference is accepted.

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